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Larrabee Comprehensive Plan

2023 Plan

Waupaca County began a multi-jurisdictional planning effort in 2003 after being awarded a Comprehensive Planning Grant by the Wisconsin Department of Administration. The Town of Larrabee joined Waupaca County in this effort along with 20 other towns, six cities, and six villages for a total of 34 participating units of government.


The Town of Larrabee adopted this Comprehensive Plan on July 12, 2007, in response to the issues it must address and the opportunities it wishes to pursue. Throughout the planning process, two of the town’s main areas of concerns were to maintain private property rights and to maintain market forces as the primary driving factor for shaping the future development pattern.


It is not the town’s desire to create new regulatory systems at the town level, but rather to ensure that existing land use management regulations are followed. Therefore, the town’s plan for implementation focuses on working with Waupaca County to manage growth and development.


Please contact the Town of Larrabee, Wisconsin

Clerk Office: 715-304-8929


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